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Medical Cases


Medical cases may need investigations such as blood tests, ultrasound scans (chest or abdomen) or endoscopy. We have high quality equipment to allow us to perform all of these investigations.

Our digital endoscopy equipment lets us to record examinations for future reference. All images appear on a screen, which means that we can demonstrate and explain our findings to owners as they appear. It's just like watching the telly!.

Most of our endoscopic examinations are of the nose, throat and lungs. These examinations can be performed either at your stables or at the surgery. Sedation may sometimes be needed.

However, we also have a much longer endoscope (300cm) which we use to look inside the stomach of adult horses. This is the only conclusive method of diagnosing gastric ulceration, which is an increasingly recognised cause of a wide variety of symptoms in all types of horse. These examinations require the patient to be starved overnight, and are best performed at the surgery. As already discussed, our findings can be recorded, and compared with follow up examinations to accurately monitor the response to treatment.

Horses suffering from suspected heart problems can be investigated using our wireless ECG (electrocardiogram). This equipment allows us to check a horse's electrical heart rhythm at rest and when the horse is exercising.

This is Malcolm (one of the partners) taking bone marrow from a horse, it was then used to grow stem cells to treat a tendon injury.