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Pre Purchase Examinations


 An important aspect of our work is the examination of horse prior to purchase ('vettings'). These can be either '2 stage' or '5 stage'.The main difference between the two is that the 2 stage examination does not involve any strenuous exercise.

 Discussing your requirements with the practice is advisable. We  will send Guidance Notes to the prospective purchaser, making absolutely clear what is and what is not included in the examination. We require confirmation, usually by email, that these notes have been read and understood. A form will also have to be signed in advance of a '2 stage' examination which confirms that you fully understand what is omitted from these types of vetting.

 A full 5 stage vetting requires the horse to be either ridden or lunged at the time. The whole examination will take 75-90 minutes. We will require a stable, a firm level surface to trot and lunge the horse, and a soft surface for strenuous exercise. A competent handler/rider will, of course, be needed.

 It is our recommendation that a blood sample is always taken (and stored) at the time of the examination. The cost of this is included in the routine fee.

With adequate notice, we are able to travel outside our normal practice area to perform a pre-purchase examination. We can also perform pre-purchase examinations at the surgery.

Please be aware that it is our policy not to perform a vetting on a horse owned by a client of the practice.