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Patient of the Month

WE have now moved this regular feature onto our Facebook page. Please go to for other interesting and (hopefully) informative clinical case reports.

Our very first Patient of the Month was Poppy, a 5 year old working labrador, who belongs to Adrian Cowton, of Derrings Kennels. 

Poppy had been slightly off colour for a week or so, but came in to see us when she went off her food. (As all you lab owners know, this is a serious sign in a lab!). After examination, an ultrasound scan and a blood sample, she was diagnosed with a pyometra, which is a womb infection. This can be a potentially very serious, even fatal, condition as it can lead to peritonitis.

Fortunately Poppy was brought to us promptly, and had an ovariohysterectomy (removal of the womb and ovaries) within 2 hours. She spent a night with us on intravenous fluids, but we are glad to report that her appetite returned this morning, and she was well enough to return home to her fellow labradors and flat coats. Once her stitches are removed in 10 days she will be fighting fit!