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Practice Facilities


We provide a wide range of routine medical and surgical treatments, and have high quality facilities and equipment. We have a range of stables for our equine inpatients, in addition to stocks for internal examinations and dental treatment.  For our small animals we have warm and comfortable kennels of various sizes, big enough for the largest dog or smallest pet. Our stables and kennels are monitored by CCTV so the inpatients can be observed at all times. 


We have a dedicated operating theatre for both horses and small animals, as well as a padded knock down/recovery box for horses.  All our consultations are by appointment to minimise waiting time. 


We pride ourselves on keeping our equipment and our staff knowledge up to high standards through continued investment in both training and facilities. 


For further details, please look at the Equine or Small Animal sections.


In the event of a patient requiring more specialist diagnostic investigation or treatment, we have excellent working relationships with a range of other veterinary practices to whom we can refer more complex cases.