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Small Animal Services

We undertake a wide range of routine medical and surgical procedures in small animals and are happy to arrange referral to specialists if we feel this would be in the best interest of your pet.  We can perform radiography (Xrays) on site with a high quality digital system, and in addition have an ultrasound scanner, ECG and in house laboratory equipment, so blood test results can be available in as little as 15 minutes.


As we feel it is important to have a good relationship between vet and patient, we endeavour to ensure that you see the same vet as much as is possible.  This is obviously easier in a small practice with only a few vets.  Consultations are by appointment, and we generally have a morning and evening surgery, with operations taking place during the rest of the day. We have recently started running afternoon surgeries on selected weekdays.  Emergencies are, of course, seen as needed.  Please try to phone if you have an emergency to let us know that you are on your way.We are also happy to see second opinions, as we all understand that sometimes extra reassurance is required - and a second pair of eyes can be helpful.  If you want a second opinion please let us know when you make your appointment, as we will need to get the clinical history of your pet from your previous practice.



Operations are carried out in a dedicated operating theatre, with monitoring done by our experienced staff, backed up by sophisticated monitoring equipment.  We endeavour to get most surgical patients home on the same day, as both owner and pet are happy in their home environment, but patients that require overnight hospitalisation are also well catered for.  Regular checks by vets and nurses are standard to ensure comfort and well being.


Nurse clinics are available for minor injuries, dental and weight checks and other treatments including claw clipping, stitch removal and bandage changes.  Please phone if you would like some advice on whether your pet needs to be seen.


 In accordance with guidelines we will only provide repeat prescriptions for drugs if we have seen your pet within the preceding 3 months.  We feel it is important to ensure that ongoing conditions have not changed, and take the opportunity to examine your animal for other illnesses. 


We also have a popular health scheme for small animals and horses, which allows the owner to spread the cost of routine treatment over the year by direct debit payment. The plan covers vaccination, microchipping, kennel cough vaccination, flea and worm treatment for the year in addition to other benefits, and 10% off other veterinary work. Please contact the surgery for details.