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We offer a full service for all equine patients, from tiny Shetlands to eventing horses or heavy horses and everything in between. We offer an ambulatory service (visits to a yard or home), and can also provide services here at the practice with our inpatient facilities. We provide a vaccination reminder service for horses, although it is always the owner’s responsibility to ensure that they do not go out of date.

Zone Visits:

We run weekly ‘zone visits’, where we offer a discounted visit fee in a certain area. This is available at £15 for a single client, no matter how many horses are seen, or at a yard where there are 2 or more clients sharing the zone visit, £10/client, again with no limit to the number of horses per client. We will contact you the day before with an approximate time slot.

These are suitable for all routine work such as vaccinations, dental checks, repeat prescription checks, sedation for clipping, initial examinations and blood sampling.

See our map to check which zone you are in.


All our vets are qualified to perform routine dentistry, and we are fully equipped with power floats, gag, headstand and headtorch. We recommend all horses have a dental check-up at least annually, and sometimes more often for some individuals. Our vet will perform a full examination of your horse’s mouth and rasp the teeth as required. Often we will administer some sedation to allow a full examination and the best treatment, and also to reduce stress for your horse. We are also able to perform procedures such as dental X-ray, wolf tooth removal, diastema widening and flushing, and tooth removal.

We also run monthly dental clinics at the practice, where you will receive 10% off the price of your dental (payment on the day).


We are fully equipped with in-house blood analysis, mobile x-ray and ultrasound machine, and both respiratory endoscope and gastroscope, helping us to provide a quick and reliable diagnosis for your horse.

We offer lameness work-ups, which are best performed here at the surgery where we have the facilities for trotting up, nerve blocking and imaging.

Pre-Purchase Examinations (vettings):

Our vets have many years experience, and we offer both 2-stage and 5-stage vettings. Please enquire if you require a vetting at a more distant premises as we may be able to help.

Worm Egg Counts and Tapeworm Testing:

We can offer in-house worm egg counting service, which allows us to provide quick results on faecal samples. Our vets will report the results and give full advice on required treatments, tailored to your individual horse. We also offer loyalty cards which allows your 3rd worm egg count per horse to be free.

We stock the EquiSal Tapeworm Saliva test kits, which can be used to check if your horse requires tapeworm treatment.


We are lucky enough to have full knock-down and anaesthesia facilities for equine patients, allowing us to carry out minor surgical procedures here at the practice.


We are fully equipped with a modern gastroscope, allowing us to reliably diagnose gastric ulcers. We run gastroscopy clinics every 2 months, where you can have your horse scoped for ulcers for a discounted price including sedation, plus receive a voucher off treatment or re-scope if your horse is diagnosed with ulcers. We also have a respiratory scope for examination of larynx, windpipe and lower airways.

Laser Sarcoid Removal:

We run regular laser sarcoid removal clinics in the spring and autumn, where we can remove small sarcoids by surgical laser.

Inpatient Facilities:

We are fully equipped with inpatient facilities including stabling and stocks. Whether visiting for a day procedure, boarding overnight before a clinic, or staying in for a few days for diagnostic investigations, we are equipped to provide comfortable and safe stabling for your horse.

Healthcare Plan:

We offer a comprehensive equine healthcare plan, which includes annual vaccinations, annual dental including sedation, all required worm egg counts and worming treatments, plus an annual tapeworm test.

Out of Hours/Emergency Care:

We are proud to run our own out of hours service 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We feel it is important to be there for our clients when they need us most. No matter the time of day, you can ring the usual practice number and speak to a member of our answering service team, who will put you quickly in touch with our duty vet, who is always a member of our own staff. Our vet will provide advice or arrange an emergency visit as necessary.

Monday-Friday 8:30-18:30, and Saturday 9:00-12:00.
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