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Healthcare Plan

We offer a comprehensive preventative health plan for both small animals and equines. This is a great way to spread the costs of routine preventative health care for your pets, and to ensure they receive everything they need to keep them healthy and well. Our health plans give great value for money, with massive discounts compared to pay as you go costs.

Small Animals

Our small animal healthcare plan includes:

  • Annual vaccination, including kennel cough vaccination
  • Microchip (usually only required for cats)
  • All required worming and flea treatments
  • Free nail clips
  • Free anal gland emptying (dogs only)
  • Free bag of food (dogs only)
  • 10% off counter sales as well as 10% off routine neutering and dental procedures.

Prices are as follows per month:

Cat: £14.50

Small dog (less than 10kg): £14.00

Medium dog (10-25kg): £15.00

Large dog (25-40kg): £16.00

Giant dog (more than 40kg): £21.50

additional pets are at a reduced level of £1 off per month per pet.



Our Equine Health Plan costs just £15 per month, and includes:

  • Annual vaccination
  • Annual dental, including sedation if needed
  • Quarterly worm egg counts
  • Annual saliva tapeworm test
  • ALL required wormers
  • Visits included for vaccination and dental

" I have used Galtres Vets for the last 16 years, their level of care, compassion and professionalism has been second to none. Both for our boarding guests at Derrings Kennels, and our own dogs, cats, and horses we have been very happy with the service. Joyce and Malcolm and their team of vets, nurses and reception staff always have a friendly positive attitude. One of the points I really like is that very often you can see the same vet, which is great for continuity of an ongoing issue. If you see a different vet there will have been a handover of information about your pet. This is not something you would get with a larger, non independent practice. Their prices are also reasonable, and they do not undertake unnecessary work.

I wholeheartedly recommend Galtres Vets to any pet or horse owner"

Adrian Cowton, owner of Derrings Kennels, Raskelf, York.
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